Coverage Maps

August 2022, the network consists of 8 Linked repeaters and Number 9 will join the network at the end of September.

March 2023 – the Linked network is now 10 repeaters – with the addition of the Barossa Mt Kitchener Repeater, improving the highway coverage into Adelaide from the Riverland.

You can now drive from approximately 20km over the Victorian Border at Yamba (via Renmark) and have repeater access via the one network all the way to Adelaide, then down to Victor Harbor!

We have modelled the coverage maps and they reflect very close to the observed coverage of each of the repeaters.

There is obvious overlap between repeaters around the City.

The modelling of the coverage is based accessing the repeaters from a Mobile and Handheld. The light blue areas are where you expect mobile coverage, based on a typical 50W Mobile with a 2db antenna at 2m high. The darker colour in each map is based on a portable handheld coverage using a 5W handheld, with the very inefficient antenna on it (around 16-20db down)

Coverage as of September 2022

*Note this map will be updated to include the Barossa Repeater in the near future.

Of course, if your location is not in a coverage area on the map it does not mean you will not be able to access the network – with a home station and a higher antenna there is a good chance if your are right on the fringe of being able to connect to one or more repeaters in the network.

VK5 Linked Repeater Network
Coverage map of the VK5 Linked Repeater Network

View the full sized Linked Repeater Network Coverage map

Coverage Map for Adelaide Area
Coverage Map showing the Repeaters and coverage in and around Adealide

View the full sized Adelaide Coverage Map

Thanks to Grant, VK5GR for providing these 2 maps.

The different colours on the map show where a given repeater should be the strongest – zoom in on the full sized image, and check the colour, zoom out and see the name of the repeater for that colour.

Individual Repeater Interactive Coverage Maps

The following maps allow you to zoom in to see more detail on the coverage of individual repeaters.

VK5RSA Coverage Map

VK5RAD Coverage Map

VK5RKW Coverage Map

VK5RAH Coverage Map

VK5RMB Coverage Map

VK5RVH Coverage Map

VK5RWR Coverage Map

VK5RLD Coverage Map

VK5RMK Coverage Map

VK5RBV Coverage Map (coming soon)