The Repeaters

All of the repeaters within the network have at least some degree of Autonomy. Each repeater can be disconnected from the network of switched off if required.

All sites have various size back-up battery, and some even have Solar charging of those same batteries.

All sites have sufficient battery backup to operate for at least 4 days without 240 volt power supply.

In most cases there is considerable coverage overlap, and with the backup battery there is a really good chance that in the event of an emergency that you will be able to access at least one repeater in your area.


Sponsored by AREG / Phil Kern VK5ZEY / Kern WIFI.


SITE – Westpac Building, CBD

FREQ – 438.025 mhz -7 mhz offset– 91.5hz tone encode/decode

HASL -46 metres

TOWER – 135 metres

ANTENNA – 6db UHF dipole array

BATTERY BACKUP – Kickass generator

The VK5RSA Repeater is sponsored by The AREG and is located on the Top of Westpac House – the tallest building in the Adelaide CBD.

This site has literally 100’s of commercial repeaters and transmitters located in very close proximity and there were “some challenges” in setting up the Antenna and Cavity Filters to keep it all tidy.

This site provides excellent handheld coverage for the CBD and due to the height, provides excellent coverage North, South and back into the hills face.

VK5RSA Repeater Rack

VK5RSA is on UHF 438.025Mhz -7Mhz split and requires a 91.5hz CTCSS tone to access.

Vk5RSA Coverage Map


Sponsored by AHARS


SITE – Crafers

FREQ – 439.925 mhz – 5 mhz offset

HASL – 602 metres

TOWER – 36 metres

ANTENNA – Uhf 3db binary dipole array


The VK5RAD Crafers UHF Repeater which is both the Central Hub and a User Access Repeater.

The tower on this site was pulled down and fully refurbished in 2019 and now should last another 20 plus years!

VK5RAD Tower
The Refurbished tower at VK5RAD

VK5RAD is on UHF 439.925Mhz -5Mhz split

VK5RAD Coverage Map

VK5RKW – now back on air at new tower site

requires 91.5 tone for access

Sponsored by Dean VK5HMV


SITE – Upper Hermatige

FREQ – 438.050 mhz -7 mhz offset

HASL – 412 metres

TOWER – 30 metres (antenna 20 metres)

ANTENNA – unity gain UHF dipole


The VK5RKW UHF Repeater is located at Banksia Park on the pre-existing RAA tower.

This site was the very first one that was linked and the site is sponsored by Dean VK5HMV. This site on the hills face in the northern suburbs provides great coverage over the northern plains area and beyond.

Vk5RKW Repeater Rack
VK5RKW Tower
The 100 Foot/30M tower at VK5RKW

VK5RKW is on UHF 438.050Mhz -7Mhz split

VK5RKW Coverage Map


Sponsored by Shane VK5NRV


SITE – Lobethal

FREQ – 146.775 mhz -600khz offset –requires 91.5 tone for access

HASL – 566 metres

TOWER – 55 metres

ANTENNA – Unity gain VHF dipole


The VK5RAH Repeater is located within the Adelaide Hills at Lobethal. Being back away from the hills face, this site provides coverage into several of the Hills towns. The unity gain antenna gives good signal penetration into the hard to get to spots in the area.

VK5RAH Repeater Rack

VK5RAH is on VHF 146.775Mhz -600Khz split–requires 91.5 tone for access

VK5RAH Coverage Map


Sponsored by LMARC and Shane VK5NRV


SITE – Mt Beevor / Harrogate

FREQ – 146.875 mhz -600khz offset

-requires 91.5 tone for access

HASL – 505 metres

TOWER – 60 metres

ANTENNA – Unity gain VHF dipole


The VK5RMB is located at Mt Beevor, near Murray Bridge, this repeater, being on the eastern side of the Mt Lofty ranges provides excellent coverage in and around Murray Bridge and excellent coverage out along the highway towards Victorian border, Strathalbyn area and back into the Hills.

There is also a operational UHF CB Repeater on this site – CH 48.

VK5RMB Repeater Rack
Vk5RMB Tower
The 200 Foot/60 Metre VK5RMB Tower

VK5RMB is on VHF 146.875 -600kz split–requires 91.5 tone for access.

VK5RMB Coverage Map


Sponsored by Jeff VK5GF / Happy FM 90.1 mhz


SITE – Browns Hill / Victor Harbour

FREQ – 147.100 mhz – 1.6 mhz offset–requires 91.5 tone for access.

HASL – 245 metres

TOWER – 12 metres

ANTENNA – 6db VHF dipole array


The VK5RVH repeater is located just north of Victor Harbor and Port Elliot at Brown Hill and provides coverage in and around the Fleurieu Peninsula.

This site has had it’s challenges – with finding a path back to Crafers for the link and also to keep out 2 x 1.5KW FM Broadcast station signals that are both less than 20 metres from the repeater antenna !

Vk5RVH Tower
Antenna work on the VK5RVH Tower

VK5RVH is on VHF 147.100 – 1.6Mhz split–requires 91.5 tone for access.

VK5RVH Coverage MAP


Sponsored by Bob VK5FO / Ray VK5RR / Riverland Radio Club


SITE – Waikerie (Sunlands)

FREQ – 146.750 mhz – 600khz 91.5hz tone encode / decode

HASL – 42 Metres

TOWER – 18 metres

ANTENNA – 3 db VHF dipole array

BATTERY BACKUP – 300AH plus 500 watts solar

The VK5RWR Repeater is located near Waikerie in the Riverland. This is a new repeater that is sponsored by Bob, VK5FO and Ray VK5RR.

Bob documented most of the repeater build on his blog – VK5RWR Repeater as the site was being built from late 2021 until completion in Mid 2022.

This repeater came about in order to service the hole between Adelaide and Moorook, and the inclusion into the network was after Dean, VK5HMV gave a presentation on ‘Repeaterlink’ to the Riverland Radio Club – and mentioned that he was looking to extend network coverage into the Riverland Area.

VK5RWR is on VHF 146.750 -600khz split and requires 91.5 CTCSS tone for access.

VK5RWR Coverage Map


Sponsored by Riverland Radio Club


SITE – Moorook

FREQ – 147.325 mhz +600khz offset 91.5hz tone encode and decode

HASL -37 metres

TOWER – 30 metres

ANTENNA – 3db colinear


The VK5RLD repeater is located near Moorook in the Riverland and is run and maintained by the Riverland Radio Club.

This repeater has served for several years to provide coverage for most of the towns in the area, but has always been a bit too far away to link back to Adelaide.

Installing the link antenna at VK5RLD
VK5RLD repeater

VK5RLD is on VHF 147.325 +600Khz split and requires 91.5 CTCSS tone for access.

VK5RLD Coverage Map


Sponsored by Ivan VK5HS / Riverland Radio Club


SITE – Renmark

FREQ – 438.075 mhz -5.4 mhz offset 91.5hz tone encode and decode

HASL – 19 metres

TOWER – 10 metres

ANTENNA – unity gain UHF dipole array


VK5RMK joined the network in 2022 and has now connected the Renmark township to the network via UHF

Anyone travelling in the Riverland would be aware that as soon as you drive past the Renmark Airport you drop down into the river valley, and unfortunately a black hole where the only coverage is if you have a tower installed. The UHF repeater fills in this hole and will provide that much needed fill-in coverage for the town. Additionally you are able to access this repeater from around 20km across the Victian Border at Yamba.

VK5RMK Repeater
The VK5RMK repeater

Look carefully, you can see the repeater, link radio’s, controller and on the left you can just see part of the Battery back-up.

VK5RMK is on UHF 438.200 – minus 7Mhz split and requires 91.5 CTCSS tone for access.

VK5RMK Coverage Map


Sponsored by Barossa Radio Club


SITE – Mt Kitchener

FREQ – 146.825 mhz -600Khz offset 91.5hz tone encode and decode

HASL – 580 metres

TOWER – 14 metres

ANTENNA – 3 db VHF dipole array.


VK5RBV joined the network in March 2023. The repeater had been running from another site as the Mt Kitchener site required some essential maintenence, which was carried out in preperation for linking.

This site provides excellent coverage in and around the Upper Barossa Region and greatly enhances the Sturt Highway coverage – filling in very nicely between the Riverland and the City repeaters.

VK5RBV Tower
Stripping the old antennas and feedlines from the Tower at Mt Kitchener

VK5RBV is on VHF 146.825 -600khz split and requires 91.5 CTCSS tone for access.

Coming soon – VK5RBV Coverage map